Weston Valley Archery Club


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Sticke & Stringe Longbow Tournament

8th June 2019 Weston Valley Archery Club Archers Diary Registration Register via Archers Diary.Informal practice from 12.00 p.m.

Clout Shoot

10am Second Saturday of each month Weston Valley Archery Club Clout Information *If you want to learn to shoot Clout this is a great chance and you will also get to score and aim for your perfect and classification medals. You walk a long way but Clout is great fun.

* Competitors must hold a current Archery Australia membership.

Events are also listed on the archery ACT site HERE

Calendar and 'Rounds'

WVAC Club shooting Calendar

The WVAC 2018 shooting calendar

Apart from doing your own practice, membership of the club involves the social activity of regular attendance and the shooting of nominated archery rounds for Outdoor, Indoor, and Clout. By shooting the nominated weekly rounds members can attempt to progress through the ten stages of archer classification (from White classification, through Grand Master Bowman to Elite Gold) and along the way claim various medallions of achievement.

The program at the link above is arranged to give members a variety of rounds to choose from each week to shoot. Usually just one round is shot per archer each week. Not everyone has to shoot the same round but we can all shoot at the same time. Each archer (or group of archers) shooting their particular round.

If you are unfamiliar with the rounds and archer classification system we suggest you come along and get involved. Other members will be more than happy to explain further. It is not a competitive environment. You shoot rounds for your own improvement and development as an archer, not in competition with other club members. Recorded scores are your personal record of achievement and are not related to the scores of other members. (Although the scores of other club members in the same classification, age group and bow style are often a good benchmark for your own achievements).

For a round scoresheet to be valid (and so count towards medallions of achievement and archer classification) it must be signed by the archer and at least 2 other witnesses. That's why we shoot rounds together and not as individuals. Score sheets are each week collected by the Recorder and used over time to build your own personal record of club attendance and achievement. Shooting these rounds for personal pleasure and improvement as an archer in a social atmosphere is the reason the club exists. We encourage you to come along and participate.


it is a mandatory requirement for insurance purposes that members must ALWAYS sign the register in the clubhouse before shooting.