Weston Valley Archery Club


Q. What is the age limit?
There is no age limit but we generally find that children under 10 years cannot handle the equipment and hit their arms or get bored. Parents of under 12 year olds need to stay for the hour. All classes are usually a mixed genders and ages We currently have members with ages ranging from 10 to about 80 years of age.
Where is Weston Valley Archery Club?
WVAC operates from its ground on the corner of Streeton and Dixon Drives, Holder.
When are learners' classes held?
Our classes for "first time" beginners are normally on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month, from 9.00 until 10.00am. This changes when interrupted by holidays such as Easter and there are no classes in January. If you arrive at 8.45am we can get you set up and ready to start by 9am.
Do I need to book?
It is essential to book a spot in the classes and at some times of the year you may have to wait a few weeks. To confirm the booking it is necessary to pay for the first class within a week of making it.
How long can I shoot as a learner?
Learners can shoot for a period up to twelve weeks from their first day of shooting and during that time the Club will provide shooting equipment, group tuition and public risk insurance cover. Before the twelve weeks are up, most people will know whether it is a sport that they'd like to continue with.
What do the classes cost?
The cost per $15.00 per archer per session and covers the equipment hire, group tuition and public risk insurance coverage. All of our coaches are volunteers.
When should I buy my own shooting equipment?
Please don't buy anything before you get started because your muscles will tone up very quickly and our coaches will advise you on what is suitable for you. Buying the wrong equipment can result in injured joints and muscles and rob you good shooting.
If I decide that love archery and want to join the club what should I do?
Learners can join the club and get their own gear at any time during their learning period. Speak to one of the coaches any week or email or call the club to discuss it.
If there is anything else that we can tell you, please let us know by email to: archerywvac@gmail.com or by calling 0447 733 228.

Archery Targets

Archery has many different types of "target face". For Target archery it is usually a circle with 10 rings, two of each colour, with the center ring scoring 10 points (white 1-2, black 3-4, blue 5-6, red 7-8, yellow/gold 9-10)